• Evening tea is incomplete without a lip-smacking snack
  • Vegetable chop is also sometimes called vegetable cutlet
  • Vegetables traditionally used in this chop are beetroot, carrot, potato

An evening tea is incomplete without a lip-smacking snack. Different parts of India enjoy different types of snacks. Traditionally, the north Indians enjoy ‘pakode’ with their ‘chai’, whereas the south Indians enjoy their ‘vadas’; on the other hand, the Bengalis enjoy their ‘telebhaja’ with ‘chai’. What is a telebhaja? In a layman’s language, ‘tel’ stands for oil and ‘bhaja’ stands for fried- something crunchy and crispy, deep fried in oil is called ‘telebhaja’. There are several kinds of ‘telebhaja’ (like chop and cutlet). From potato to fish, Bengalis are known to make ‘telebhaja’ out of every possible vegetable and non-veg ingredient. One of those very famous ones is ‘vegetable chop’. Vegetable chop is also sometimes called ‘vegetable cutlet’.

This chop is a perfect amalgamation of goodness of veggies, zing of the spices and crunch of the nuts and breadcrumbs. Vegetables that are traditionally used in this chop are beetroot, carrots and potatoes. If you want, you can also add some vegetables of your choice. The burst of flavours of this chop is enhanced with ‘kasundi’ (Bengali mustard sauce) and simple salad (cucumber and onion), which are served alongside. What makes the snack yet more desirable is the colour and texture. Beetroot lends the rich red colour to the chop and it is crunchy from outside and soft and sweet on the inside.

If the description has made you slurp, then here we have a suggestion for you- try making them at home! Vlogger Ananya Banerjee has shared a detailed video, on her YouTube channel ‘Chef Ananya Banerjee’, on how to make street-style ‘vegetable chop’ at home. Consider trying it out!

Watch: Recipe Video Of Street-Style Vegetable Chop:

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