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One of the pieces of the American dream is being able to own your own company and operate it as you wish, providing a profitable life for your family and yourself. Small businesses come in many different shapes and sizes. One of the keys to choosing a successful small business is finding one that serves a need of the community. Selecting a water delivery service bethel park pa residents need is putting yourself in a good positions for success. The climate is one that provides a large natural customer base that needs water. Add to this the recent trends in healthy beverages turning away from soda and other high sugar drinks and water has a large potential list of companies.

Selecting Your Supplies

Investing smartly in your new company is essential. You are going to need vehicles that are large enough to carry large volumes of water. You will also want to have multiple vehicles on the road at a given time to reduce your customer’s wait time. Pickup trucks are a good option as the bed has plenty of storage space. You can frequently find certified used pickup trucks that are relatively inexpensive because many truck owners like to have the newest versions on the market and sell their old vehicles at reasonable prices.

You will also need to have a building to operate your business out of. Water does not typically have to be delivered at a specific temperature, because customers can cool it themselves. Not needing a refrigerated portion of the building means you can rent spaces designed for office, industrial or retail uses. Being flexible allows you to shop for the best rental rate.

Choose Related Products To Sell

If you are going to sell water, choose items related to water as other products your company will sell to customers. The most obvious option is water dispensing devices that hold your water containers. These containers can be used to dispense water in offices, homes or at outdoor entertainment facilities. Your customers that use these devices are going to need something to serve them in as well. To maintain a high profit margin and display an environmentally friendly image, paper cups can e your best options.

Types of Employees To Hire

Choosing the correct employees can make or break a company. In this industry you are going to need someone that is familiar with the market and the roads in the area. It’s true a GPS can be helpful, but knowledge of traffic patterns in the market is something an employee can provide that computers will not always know. You will also want an employee that is a good communicator and very reliable. 

Hit The Ground Running

Once you have taken the steps to start your business, it’s time to hit the ground running. Advertise at local events that draw large crowds such as carnivals, concerts and sporting events. Sponsor local teams or events as a way for affordable advertising Hit the road and have fun supplying water.