Probiotics are microorganisms that we can consume through foods and supplements. We always hear that we should consume the right amount of probiotics for good health. There are many benefits of consuming probiotics, some of which are as following:

  • Balancing healthy bacteria in digestive system

Probiotics are live microorganisms that include “good” bacteria. These microorganisms provide us with many health benefits.  Probiotics have the ability to restore our natural the natural balance of gut bacteria which is the major reason of the health benefits that they provide us.

There are many reasons for which we lose the balance of good and bad bacteria in our body such as, medication, illness and poor dietary habits. This imbalance can cause problematic digestive system, obesity and many more issues.

Probiotics maintain the balance of gut bacteria and keep our digestive system functioning properly and healthy.

  • Preventing and treating Diarrhea

Probiotics are known for reducing the risk and severity of diarrhea. Antibiotic-associated diarrhea is very common. Probiotics help in reducing such diarrhea as well as infectious diarrhea.

Probiotics are also very helpful in treating diarrhea in kids. The effectiveness varies with the dosage of probiotics.

  • Improving mental health conditions

Many studies link gut healthy of a human with his / her mental health and mood. Probiotics help in reducing anxiety and depression. They also help in improving other mental health conditions such as autism and obsessive compulsive disorders. Studies have shown that a person who uses probiotics benefits, against anxiety, depression and general health conditions and mental illnesses.

  • Keeping heart healthy

Probiotics keep our heart healthy by reducing cholesterol and blood pressure.

Total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol can be reduced significantly by consuming probiotics food like yogurt on daily basis for two to eight weeks. Taking probiotics also help our body in lowering and maintaining our blood pressure.

  • Increasing iron levels in body

Probiotics can help in increasing the ion absorption. They also help in reducing the prevalence of anemia.

  • Maintaining optimal level of minerals

Many elderly people face reduced calcium levels, probiotics help in increasing blood calcium level. Many probiotics have proven to significantly increase the bioavailability of zinc, phosphorus and calcium in human body.

  • Losing weight & belly fat

Probiotics help in losing weight through different mechanisms. Some probiotics reduce and stop the absorption of food fat in intestine. The body discards this fat rather than absorbing it. Probiotics help you lose weight through making you feel fuller for longer and burning more calories.

There are many sources of probiotics like food and supplements. Fermented foods happen to be a great source of probiotics. In Malaysia probiotics rich food are easily available such as pickled vegetables. Fermented yogurt and milk are also rich probiotic foods.

You can get probiotic dosages in form of tablets and capsules also. You should never consume any supplement, tablets or capsules without consulting your doctor.

You must also know that sometimes some probiotics get destroyed by stomach acid before even reaching your gut thus you need to consume adequate amount of probiotics to get all the benefits of probiotics.