Prevention of Modified Food Starch in the Body

Modified food starch can be classified as a chemical transformed ingredient of food which is derived from starch. Many starches might have been contaminated through gluten. This is why we should be observant and more careful with foods we eat nowadays if we want to eliminate gluten from our various diets.

As we have described modified food starch as ingredients, the word “food” we used when describing it brings about some doubts into the mixture. Some examples of modified starch are; potato, corn, wheat, rice and so on. All the ingredients of these foods are based on starches. states that wheat will be shown on the label of products if it has the basis of starch because other types of starches might be affected by gluten during their production. Therefore it is advised that anybody who is after a gluten-free diet should avoid modified food starch.

There are various ways in which we can modify starch, the procedures depend on the starch itself and the uses. They are;

  1. By treating with sodium hydroxide
  2.  By the use of potassium hydroxide for the treatment
  3. Through roasting
  4. It can also be treated by using acid
  5. By the use of an emulsifier
  6. By including the right electrical charge

There is sometimes which starches can pass through more than one procedure of treatment, depending on the preferred result.

Assisting the foods with powders such as, cheese sauce and gravy with powders, which have been reduced it after has been mixed consistently.

Allowing products settle down easily in the cold water.

Serving as an exchange of fats for low fats

Play the role of emulsifier for preparation of salad so as to save the oil from separating.

Playing roles of thickener in soups

Starches can be modified for many purposes which can be found in various places such as Quick pudding, sauce with cheese, reduced fat ice cream, preserved soup, candy and so on.

People who are following the doctor’s directions to abstain from modified food starch products would have to stop taking products which are containing modified food starch products such as modified tapioca starch to their system.

One of the biggest worries is cross affection. A modified starch does not contain gluten does not mean that there no other gluten-containing ingredient. The issue of cross affection remains crucial for individuals who are avoiding gluten. One cannot completely determine the safety of the user until the company follows the right direction for foods that don’t contain gluten.

You can avoid modified food search by checking for the word gluten-free on the label, you can also a call across to the company producing the food in order to ask for confirmation, you can also eat more of whole foods, such as fruits, meats, and vegetables which is free from included ingredients such as food starch.

Please if you are avoiding modified food starch you should be very careful of the food you eat because they’re so many foods containing different ingredients around us.