The allure of jewels irrespective of the outfit being adorned cannot be overemphasized. Jewels have a variety of effects and are symbolic. Jewels like eternity rings are known for their significance in special given by a spouse to symbolize never-ending love, typically after 50 or more years of marriage.

If you feel that your jewelry box no longer holds sway or out of trend, here are some jewelry trends that you must not miss. These pieces that are the beads, artistic pendants, shells, as seen on blogs and online platforms have so far been of great importance and adorned the body to an extent or check out Dinnerly for more details.

  • Under the sea

Bestselling jewelry brand and favorite jewel of jewelers in 2019, ‘Under the Sea’ in celebration of oceanic bounty featured real and faux shells and pearls in its show. Shell adorned necklaces, anklets, earrings, and bracelets have become common in cities, a trend which erupted on the street style set en masse last summer having survived winter. Lyst, the fashion engine has reported a 43 percent increase search for the word ‘shells” since March 2019. Shells have received positive feedback since the first appearance at the PradaAW17 show. ELLE UK’s Accessories Editor Molly Haylor explains, ‘First seen at the Prada AW17 show-Miuccia Prada is always a step ahead shells have since become a prominent statement in runway’. This trend can be incorporated into a variety of accessories from earrings to knuckle rings causing great improvement in your daily outfit. With a 35 percent increase in search for pearls on Lyst since March and further confirmation from Net-A-Porter that have increased sales, it seems that pearl has appealed to the mass. Haylor also states, ‘The great thing about pearls, is that the color tone goes with anything you wear, making it more wearable than you think.

  • Crafty Jewelry

Crafty jewelry has made a major impression in girl’s fashion. The trend embraces both sophisticated artisan craftsmanship as well as a jejune toy like inventions using wood and beads to make items that can be paired with anything from formal to casual wear. Very quickly, it has moved from the runway to Net-A-Porter wish lists, with a 100 percent increase in searches for ‘beaded’ jewelry since 2018. A new brand STVDIO was launched by the e-commerce site in response to growing demand, ‘who creates hand-woven brass jewelry pieces and have been driving sales for this trend’.


  • Abstract Jewelry

Abstract jewelry celebrates the unexpected and artistic, lending the wearer a highbrow, arty aesthetic. According to Lyst, there has been a 21 percent increase in searches for terms like ‘faces’ since March. This trend was adopted by designs like Chloe, Ferragamo, and McQueen on their AW19 catwalk. According to Haylor,’ if last year was all about the single earring, then this season it’s all about abstract’.

  • Chain Reaction Jewelry

Net-A-Porter has recorded a search increase of 130 percent for the term ‘chain necklace’ since last year. An overview of the site shows that a lot of the offerings are in no way fragile. The chain, eternity ring and the link-centered trend has everyone in love with it and adorned with a piece of it. Haylor reveals that concerning chain jewelry, ’All about the big and the bold, forget about the dainty gold chain, this is about the big links and hardware’.

All these are top-notch jewelry that will help boost your dinner date.