In modern times, the task of taking notes has been revolutionized by digital technology. This has been done so with the invention of an electronic copyboard that functions to print out all the notes that have been taken during the meeting, or even transfer them to a computer so they may be saved, edited to meet particular requirements and then later shared on a network to make them available for everyone to use. Thanks to electronic copyboards, the meetings held these days are far shorter and more oriented. This is because the participants are completely focused towards the discussion, knowing that notes are being documented automatically. Read more here best buy coupon.

How do Electronic Copyboards Work?

The functioning of a copy board is rather simple. All speakers need to do is use markers to write on boards that are erasable and are made of magnetic porcelain coated steel. Images from the surface of the copyboard are then scanned and sent to either be printed or to be stored on computers. If there are any changes to be made, all one needs to do is use the eraser and make any desired changes. The easy functionality of copyboards has turned them into the perfect tool for conferences, meetings and seminars etc, particularly when a color copyboard is used with a projector and a PC.


The number one advantage of using electronic copyboards is that they make it extremely easy for participants to focus on the discussion at hand, without having to worry about making notes. A USB stick can also be used to save the notes. The advantages of using a copy board are many, some of which are:

–    The copied notes can easily be distributed through email to even those who were not present at the meeting, conference etc.

–    The saved notes can later be enhanced and edited to match with one’s requirements.

–    One no longer needs to worry about storage space as well as clutter around the office.

Companies that Offer Electronic Copyboards

Some of the most well-known companies, along with several others have made copyboards available these days. These include top-notch names like Barco, Panasonic, Microfield Graphics, nView Corp, as well as Quartet Ovonics. The copyboards offered by these companies come in various sizes, ranging from handheld models to desktop units, as well as wall mounts for conference rooms. The price range for these products lies between $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the size and model.

Due to their easy usage, copyboards are now one of the most desired tools for those who regularly attend meetings, conferences, seminars etc.